OPERA Experience is the exhibition that combines innovation and involvement, to live an Opera experience out of the ordinary.

OPERA Experience at LOGGE del PAPA The initiative of Italian Opera in Siena to spread the experience of the Opera!

Saturday 3rd September and Sunday 4th September, the Opera will leave the walls of the Auditorium S. Stefano alla Lizza to be brought among the people.

From 16:00 pm to 20:00 pm, at the Logge del Papa (Siena), the artists of Italian Opera in Siena will perform free concerts of 10 minutes for a maximum of 20 spectators.

The performances will be repeated every 30 minutes for anyone who would like to try a new and authentic Opera experience.

Short, engaging and not demanding performances to let the emotions overwhelm the participants in an informal and familiar context.

No stage, no formalities! The event will take place in front of you, so close you can almost touch the artists.

Have a seat,
The magic of the Opera is only for you!

The artists:
Saturday 3rd September

Chiara Panacci Soprano
Pedro Carrillo Baritone
Gianni Cigna Piano

Sunday 4th September

Sabrina Enrichi Soprano
Maurizio Marchini Tenor
Stefano Cencetti Piano
With the extraordinary participation of the Unione Corale Senese Ettore Bastianini

Tuesday, October 4th

HOURS 21:15

The women in the italian opera: Tales of lovers, victims and backsliders

Veronica Senserini Soprano
Sabrina Enrichi Soprano
Chiara Panacci Soprano
Gianni Cigna Piano

Thursday, October 13rd

HOURS 21:15

The most famous opera arias and duets by Verdi and Puccini

Chiara Panacci Soprano
Marco Miglietta Tenor
Massimo Naccarato Baritone
Gianni Cigna Piano

Thursday, October 15th

HOURS 21:15

Tribute concert in memory of Maestro Luciano Pavarotti

Maurizio Marchini Tenor
Tommaso Tomboloni Tenor
Marco Mustaro Tenor
Stefano Cencetti Piano

With the extraordinary participation of the Soprano Maila Fulignati

Saturday, October 22th

HOURS 21:15

The most famous opera duets: stories of great loves and poignant passions

Deborah Vincenti Soprano
Giovanni Cervelli Tenor
Stefano Cencetti Piano

Let yourself be led into a unique experience

Opera, involvement and wonder will be the leitmotif of OPERA EXPERIENCE, thanks to the staging of shows that combine classic innovation.

OPERA Experience is the exhibition of Italian Opera in Siena that brings the opera not only on stage, but also in the audience, to make it become an integral part of the show.

Between meetings with artists and many surprises, the audience will have a direct contact with musicians and singers, thanks also to the intimate atmosphere space of the Auditorium Santo Stefano alla Lizza, where the proximity between spectator and artist breaks down the real and perceived distances.

Opera Experience: a first-person experience! Are you ready to get involved?

Evento patrocinato dall’Assessorato Cultura e Innovazione, Promozione della Città, Cittadinanza attiva, Patrimonio del Comune di Siena

Con il sostegno di Fondazione MPS